How To Eliminate Back Pain

What is the most important thing to know in order to eliminate back pain

It is commonly known that back pain is caused by poor posture, overuse of muscles or even genetic history. But the principal cause, and therefore also the cure, is much more unknown…

The thing is, that during our busy lives, we forget to pay attention to our bodies and miss to notice all the little changes that take place. Time goes by and the everyday tasks, that for the most part we do in the same positions, gets our body out of balance making some muscles more rigid than others and pulling our body out of alignment, eventually leading to back pain and many other disturbs.

woman with back pain

The interesting part is, that even if you have serious conditions like Herniated disc or Spinal Stenosis, you can still be pain-free. Regardless of the type of job you have or how you think the condition developed or even the unique situation that you are finding yourself today, you can still have no pain.

Don’t believe it? The prestigious New England Journal of Medicine have published a study in which researchers performed an MRI on 98 people who had NO back pain. And the researchers found that more than half of them actually had some kind of abnormal disk condition!!!

The researchers conclude:
“Many people without back pain have disk bulges or protrusions… Given the high prevalence of these findings and of back pain, the discovery by MRI of bulges or protrusions in people with low back pain may frequently be coincidental.” read the article here

That’s right, they called having a bulging or protruded disc and having back pain a coincidence. That gives positive proof that you can have condition without pain. In fact, there are right now millions of people with existing back problems without being aware of it and have no pain.

So, how can you become pain free?

You may not want to hear this, but there is good chance that your condition will never go away. That may sound scary, but it is possible. You don’t need to worry though because you can still have pain free life! How, you might ask? If the condition didn’t having balanced body to eliminate back paingo away, what did change? Well, the answer is this: it’s all about the alignment of your body, the position of your pelvis, the curvature of your spine and the stability of your body as a whole as you go through your day.

The key is to know in particular, what are your postural dysfunctions and what specifically is causing your body to look like it does and why your pelvis is the way it is. You should also know which muscles are tight and which ones are weak in order to have very specific and very targeted corrective program to achieve postural balance and stability.

Once your body is balanced and stable everything works better—your back, your hips, your shoulders, your SI joint… and you can do all the things you love to do and do them with the confidence that you are safe, strong and protected against further injury. That’s the way you can gain your life back!

As the study reported in the NEJM proved, you don’t have to be perfect to eliminate your pain. You just need to work toward creating a more balanced and neutral state for your body. When you work toward pelvic stability, you help your spine maintain a neutral position. Then you can use your body as it was intended to be used. That’s how you can have the condition but not its pain…

Do you need surgery?

…And you most likely won’t need surgery. Sure, you could have surgery. That’s one option to treat your pain. But most surgeries fail within 3 to 5 years. Why? Because they don’t address the reason why the condition became symptomatic in the first place. In other words, they don’t fix what’s really causing your condition to develop–they just remove the irritant that is causing the symptom: the pain.

What do you need then?eliminate back pain with muscle balance

You’ll need an corrective exercise program that is not based on your
diagnosis but rather on corroborating evidence from both physical and visual assessments, that are used to ensure you are doing the correct and safest program possible for you and your current condition. With the Muscle Balance Therapy you will get all that. After knowing specifically which muscles are tight and which are weak, will be created a very specific and targeted stretch and exercise program to restore balance. Muscle Balance Therapy is based on the biomechanical principle – the more balanced and stable your body is the better your body will work and the less pain you will feel. If you are interested to make the commitment and eliminate your pain for good Take Action NOW!

I know it can be difficult to make big changes in your everyday life and follow exercise program, even if it could give a magnificent result. That’s why I am also going to post articles about different treatments, which will all work to speed your healing like Massage therapy, Inversion table, Supplements, Trigger Point Therapy, Heating Pads (to name a few), and other useful articles to help you achieve optimal health for the rest of your life.

Maria RussoSincerely

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  • Maria,

    Thanks so much for this well written look into Back Pain and Muscle Balance Therapy.

    I lived with upper back pain for many years, I did have surgery to correct spinal stenosis between my 4th and 5th vertebrae in 2009.

    Fortunately for me it was a success and I no longer live with the pain, but I am here to tell you I firmly believe a lot of back surgeries could be avoided with the proper Muscle Balance Therapy program.

    Personally I would much rather learn about my body and how to keep it in balance than to have to run to the Dr. to fix what I let go in the 1st place from lack of proper exercise.

    Thanks again, all my best,


    • Thank you so much Gary for sharing your experience!

      I am glad that the surgery worked for you and you don’t have to suffer from pain anymore.
      My only wish is that you don’t end up in the same situation where were you before the surgery. If any changes in everyday life aren’t done, that easily happens. It would always be better to prevent than cure.
      So, I encourage you to take good care of you, and do all the things that your body requires in order to stay in balance. And if in any moment you should need some help with that, I’ll be here
      Best Wishes

  • Hello Maria,

    A great post on back pain. And yes, it is pretty scary to know that a person may have a back problem without even knowing it.

    But thanks to your post, it is helpful

    • Hi Nnamdi!
      I am glad you liked it.
      Yes, and that’s why prevention is important. I mean, even if you don’t have pain, it’s better to start paying attention to your body and correct even minor imbalances to prevent pain occurring.

  • Thanks Maria for this insight.
    My dad has suffered from back pain for the past two years now. It gets bad at times that I have to rob liniment just to soothe the pain. Now I know it can be due to his lack of physical activity, because he sits for long hours working, and doesn’t exercise.
    And I never thought back pain could be genetic. I’ll now take care of my posture, because I stand a chance of developing back pain later on. Thanks once more

    • Thanks for the comment Joshua!
      It would be good idea to have you dad read my website so he can understand better the causes of back pain and what can be done to eliminate it. And don’t worry, now that you you have started to pay attention to your posture and know what you should do to prevent back pain you have taken the good road! Just come back here regularly and keep reading so you don’t forget…
      Take care!

  • Thanks for the information. At 57 years old I am having problems with arthritis in my knee. I use to do body alignment in college. Thanks to your site you inspired me to get back into it. What do you know about Alexander technique? Could that help with my knees?

    • Thank you for the comment Kirk!
      I am sorry that you are having problems with arthritis, it is very common problem these days. In fact I am only 31 and found out that I have already some arthritis on my hips (came out from x-rays…) so I am definitely going to write about arthritis on my next posts. Alexander technique is much similar to muscle balance therapy, it’s about right alignement of your body and eliminating muscle tensions. It will not help you directly with arthritis based pain but it can ease the pain by correcting your posture and eliminating muscle tensions.
      I hope I could help you. Take care, and come back later to check out my article about arthritis.

  • Hi Maria,
    Your site is a welcome relief for my back! I have suffered with degenerative discs in my back for years, and I agree with your style of pain management. I have avoided surgeries so far, using yoga, and walking each day, along with exercises directed at my lower back, and hot baths with epsom salts.(wonderful stuff)I will bookmark this site to refresh my memory of all the methods I have forgotten.Thank You

    • Thank you for the comment Chas!

      How great that you have been able to avoid surgery by taking care of you. That’s the way to go! I am writing new content every week so keep coming back and see if there is something that you can benefit even more.
      Take care!

  • Maria,

    Thank you for the comment about most surgeries failing in 3-5 years. That’s one detail that’s often left out when someone goes in for a check-up and is diagnosed with a back problem.

    I enjoyed your article, keep them coming.



    • Hi Bryan!

      Having surgery is often like treating feets after having abrasion from using unfitting shoes, and still continuing to use the same unfitting shoes after feets are cured. It’s highly expected that the abrasion will reoccur.

      But of course that is not the case always, and surgery can also give good results. More likely, if changes are made in the lifestyle, and muscle imbalances and bad posture are being corrected. Or if surgery takes place after an injury and rehabilitation has been made correctly.

      So the importance of good work out and stretching regime can’t be praised too much.

      I am glad you enjoyed my article, I’ll keep them coming 🙂

  • Maria, thank you so much with your interesting articles. I’m the one suffered this pain and try searching it in internet…and surprisingly here there are ..very appreciate this..and will bookmark you site for my reference and action in future. Your content full with knowledge and when I read Ifeel that that is me..and I need help….Good content will bring you more successful in your dreams…all the best!

    • Thank you for the kind words Hanizan!

      It’s a good idea to bookmark my site so you can return whenever you need help with back pain.

      Take care!


  • Hi there. I have been loving with upper back pain for many many years. My posture is the responsible for it because I have spent my whole life in bad positions, playing video games, using computer and studying.

    Besides, I am forcing my back with my job for 2 years. it is physically demanding And I am feel the situation is getting worse.

    I know I need to sort this out. I have been to a couple of specialists but they didn’t come um with a efficient long term plan. At the moment I have started doing some 15min exercises daily. Do you have any article where you teach some good exercises I can do on a daily basis? Thank you

    • Thank you for the comment Stefan!

      I think you should really start to pay attention to your posture. I recommend you reading the article The Posterior Pelvic Tilt Correction in order to learn more about posture.

      And yes, I do have exercise program Here but it is generic (means not for any specific condition but more for maintaining back pain free after fixing existing issues), so you should first learn about your specific condition and have exercise program that fixes imbalances of YOUR body, like the muscle balance therapy does (mentioned above.)

      Take care!


  • I been facing back problems for a bout 13 years. It is horrible. I know it can be worse if it hurt very bad every day constantly but luckily it doesn’t. Its more like 3 times out the week. Due to playing sports all my life I took a lot of beatings. Now when I work which is sometimes physical by the time I get off, I am usually in back pain. So this is something that I will definitely need to check out. Thanks for the advice.

    • Thank you for the comment, Brandon!

      You have been facing back problems for way too long time! I really suggest that you take a good look into my site and read also the 7 day back pain cure book. That way you get a greater understanding of your specific condition and can then start to take action to resolve it for good!

      Don’t give up, you can still have pain free life!!

      Best wishes


  • Hi Maria, I spend a lot of time sitting and I can tell you are right about importance of pelvis position..I used to have terrible back pain because I was using a regular chair. I went to a therapy / massage / doctor and so on and what they told me was I needed to work on my muscles. I found out the those “yoga sitting balls” worked for me because my back muscles were constantly working, balancing me on the ball 🙂

  • Back pain can be very severe if neglected for a longer period of time. It is true that activities during the day can lead to back pain or possibly other muscular body pains.

    Your article on back pain is quite informative and useful and sure did learn a thing a two from reading your article. I also do hope read your future articles as i believe there are more to learn from the various joints in out body

    • Thank you, Johnson!

      Yes, if you think that daily activities are often made in the same positions day after day, it’s easy to understand how that affects our bodies.

      You are surely welcome to come back and read my newest articles, there will be always something new to learn 🙂


  • I am one who is lucky enough to not experience back pains, however I have sooooooo many friends that are not beginning to speak up about pains not only in their backs but in other places. I believe in stretching, active lifestyle, and dipping your toes in the realm of yoga. I believe these are all good things that can help with joint pains. Staying active can alleviate the need of surgeries and things down that road. I appreciate your post…..Keep it UP- I’ll be back!

    • Thank you for the comment!

      you are right about active lifestyle, doing yoga and stretching, even though it’s still possible to have back pain if you do the same type of work or activity everyday and do not correct the imbalances created thru counterbalancing exercises. Also doing exercises with bad posture can create problems and pains.

      You are very wellcome to come back anytime!



  • This is something that has plagued me ever since I injured my back several years ago – it seems the older I get the more worse it gets. I have noticed that my sitting position is always a little slouched – would this effect the level of pain I recieve every week? Should I concentrate on using lumber rolls?

    • Hi, Chris!

      Thank you for the comment. Even when getting older it is highly important to keep on exercising (obviously at the correct level of everyones own condition) and to try correct possible imbalances in the body. If you are already exercising and think that your back pain depends on your sitting position, then yes you could try lumber rolls (or any other method that works for you, for example, sitting on a swiss ball or seating cushion. you could also do one effective exercise every day, that I have described on my earlier post about poor posture and back pain.

      I hope this helped!

      Take care,


  • That is amazing that most people with no back pain have some form of a bulging or protruded disc. Mercifully the back injuries I have had over the years have been only short term. The product from the healthy back institute looks very good indeed. Have you ever tried the Alexander Technique. I was trained in it sometime ago and I think (touch wood) it has kept my back relatively healthy.

    • Hi, Ben and thank you for the comment!

      Yes, I have tried the alexander Technique and I found it very valid method for preventing and getting relief for back pain. It can also be used to improve other areas in life.

      Take care!


  • Hi maria
    I have been facing back pain since last 4 month, I am working about 16 hours sitting on a chair, this is the great problem for professional like me, you made a details guide to eliminate back pain, Awesome Post for everyone. There is an another article for neck pain relief guide. you can refer people to check out this article, I hope it will be useful for every people

    • Thank you for the feedback Linda!

      Sitting for a 16 hours is devastating to the back and you really need to make some good habits like standing up and moving around your office and doing some stretching every few hours and concider using back support pillows if you are not already doing so. You could also switch between sitting on a regular (good) chair and swiss ball during the day. You have nice article there, I have also written similar post about the best pillow for neck pain.
      Take care!

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